The Mercy

Direction: James Marsh
Cast: Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz, David Thewlis, Jonathan Bailey, Adrian Schiller, Tim Downie.
Title in V.O: The Mercy
Nationality: United Kingdom Year: 2018 Release date: 07-09-2018 Runtime: 101 Genre: Drama Color or in B / W: Color Script: Scott Z. Burns Photography: Eric Gautier Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Synopsis: In 1968 the amateur navigator Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth) imposes an epic objective: to win the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race going around the world in his sailboat, alone and without scales. On land he leaves his wife Clare (Rachel Weisz), his greatest defender, who like him faces alone another adventure: to move forward with his children and without the love of his life. While Claire remains firm at home, Donald continues his career on the high seas despite the many obstacles ... but his goal, today, remains a great mystery ...

It does not matter if it's a tightrope walker who tries to cross between the Twin Towers ('Man on Wire') or a scientist who is given two years at most and lives more than 50 (The theory of everything). Impossible and real challenges that came to fruition and that the British James Marsh has narrated with unequal fortune. We can not say the same about the tragic real story of the amateur navigator Donald Crowhurst, an unconscious who, after going out for a walk on weekends, goes on to run to go around the world alone; something like wanting to go from playing singles games against married to play in the first in just a few days. And, in this way, save your business and, incidentally, your family. A challenge condemned to failure that Marsh portrays in an almost episodic way - everything happens with an unusual rapidity - while he flees from the heroic story to travel through paths of madness and delirium. And, in spite of always being on the point of shipwreck, he shows courage with a tug of war that allows him to go further to go from dream to nightmare. As the character played by David Thewlis says, Crowhurst's is a story ready to be told; in this case, that of a man trapped by lies.

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